Moving Office Checklist

Moving Office ChecklistMoving offices can be challenging, but by being prepared, things can run much more smoothly.

O.K., so you have found a new home for your business, now a bit of planning is required to ensure the minimum amount of disruption. Things often go wrong during a move, but, by knowing what can go wrong, you are in a much better position to mitigate any issues that do arise. Read our Checklist when moving offices to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything.

Moving Out:

  • Give notice to your current Landlord, in accordance with your Lease/Licence, or longer if possible.
  • Decide WHEN you want to move. Maybe a Friday is a good day for your business, giving you the whole weekend to get ready for business in your new Office.
  • Contact Removal Companies and get quotations for the move. Ensure that you have Insurance.
  • Contact Utility Companies (Gas, Electricity, Water, Business Rates, Telephone & Broadband Companies) and arrange for cessation of services at your ‘old’ location. Take Meter Readings (with photo evidence).
  • Notify your Insurance Company of your move.


  • Book telephone & Broadband connections for your new office. This is the most common thing that goes wrong! Remember, that often the telephone line needs to be up and running around a week before Broadband can be activated! No-one wants to have their old telephone line disconnected and then find that their new line isn’t connected yet. Give yourself a healthy time safety margin on this!
  • Do you need more Desks, Chairs, Computers? Plan now. Ask your new landlord can you start moving things in before you take occupation. It will make the move much easier when it comes.
  • Get a floor plan from your new landlord and plan the layout. Communicate this to your staff, so everyone knows where they will be. The same goes for Parking.
  • Give everyone a role for the move. They all need to share the responsibility and help.
  • You may have conditions in place for your old office, like cleaning and decorating. Check it out and make arrangements. Your ex landlord could continue to charge you rent until these have been fulfilled.
  • Ensure that all Staff, Suppliers, Clients, Accountant and Bankers are notified of the new Address and any telephone number change, and the date that the move will be taking place.
  • Check that you have keys for desks drawers and filing cabinets, so that they can be transported closed and locked.
  • Book the removal Company.

The Move:

  • Ensure that all staff have Mobile Telephone Numbers of each person involved in the move.
  • Appoint someone to be in charge of refreshments, and give them access to funds – you will all need to eat and drink!
  • Ensure that everyone has the address and a map for the new location.
  • Choose who will be at each location, who will open up at the new office and who will lock up at the old office.
  • Be at the Office before the Removal Company turns up.

Settling In:

  • Ensure that telephones, computer network and broadband are all up and running.
  • Take Meter Readings, with photographs, of Gas, Electricity and Water.
  • Ensure that you are now listed as the occupier with Utility Suppliers, Business Rates and that your Insurance has been correctly moved over.
  • Update your website with your new contact details.
  • Return you keys, fobs etc. for your old offices.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient keys, fobs etc. for your staff at the new offices.
  • Do a press release about your move to larger offices.
  • Have a welcome party! – For a great Party Cake visit Multi Award Winner Danielle Gotheridge.

Enjoy your new surroundings and continue growing! Good Luck!

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