Does Size Matter?

Our journey is probably very similar to most.

We started working from Home, moved into a hybrid industrial unit, then rented space in a Serviced Office. But then what? We were already taking up a lot of space there, but buying our own offices or finding a large enough office to rent, seemed daunting. We were confident that our business was growing well, and that we would need more staff, but just could not take that final ‘leap of faith’ into much larger offices. Along the way, we noticed that Open Plan Offices were much smaller than ones with walls, even though the floor area was supposed to be the same! Research informed us that, with Open Plan Offices, you can count every little bit of space, but, once you add a wall, some space is discounted, like stairs, reception, under the stairs (where you will normally find the Kitchen in Open Plan Offices). We are often told that our offices in Eastwood are so much larger than others that prospective tenants have seen, precisely because of this…and our Rents are typically much CHEAPER!

In the end, the FOUR of us, moved onto Farrington Way at the Eastwood Link Business Park with 1,773 sq ft to play with (165 sq m). It was certainly large enough, but, once you partition around a Board Room and Kitchen, and add a Break Out Room, the size does not seem excessive.

Surprisingly, this all became academic. What we noticed, was, because we had this nice, new shiny, prestigious office, Suppliers took us more seriously than before. We had earned more respect. Our discount increased and our payment terms became more generous. Our clients trusted us more. They placed larger, and more orders with us. They now viewed us as a more professional and trusted outfit. So, it wasn’t very long before more staff were employed and we realised that , by having a larger office than we initially needed, we grew faster and we had large enough offices to ‘grow into’.

Do take this into account when choosing your Office to Rent, the decision now can seriously affect your growth!